Tuesday, April 30, 2013


At least I can say that Spring semester has yielded a lot of challenges. I learned a lot about my faith, myself, those around me, and most importantly that I need to make some changes in my life. There were sad times, happy times, funny times, and straight up miserable times throughout my semester; however, I am thankful for every single moment. I know I will learn from each experience, so I can thank God in that. He is just so amazing, and sometimes I am too stubborn to see it His way the first time. However, I am excited to see what my summer has in store for me. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

School Tomorrow

Sitting back in my dorm room with a cup of tea, I realize everything this past semester was not in vain. Going through it all, it sucked. Yet I am happy to see how it is helping shape my mindset for life and for this semester.

I am currently the single friend in my circle of friends from back home, and it has been a struggle. I have no idea why I'm consumed with the idea if I had a boyfriend that it would make me 100% happy. I want someone to go swing dancing with, to be there for me, to just have someone to live life with, and hold their hand. I just know that once I finally snag a good guy that it will make me so much more appreciative to have him.

I am just tired of people telling me how I should feel and how I should live my life. I'm aware of what I can handle. I especially appreciate it when someone tells me when I am in a low point that I don't know how to deal with it or that I am unreasonable. I'm learning to find the blessings of low points in my life. It is then when I realize that God is doing stuff in my life.

I am just learning that I need to focus on my campus ministry outreach, ending slavery, and my Fall 2013 study abroad. I'm taking everybody's doubt to fuel my passions in life. I want to be the generation that ends slavery. There are 27 million slaves into the world right now. I want to do something to stop it. http://enditmovement.com/ is what I learned about from Passion 2013. God turned my heart of stone into a heart of flesh there. It was so eye-opening. I cannot explain how God worked at Passion. It was amazing. One of my favorite parts was just being silent and hearing 60,000 plus college students sing, praise, worship God. It was a indescribable moment. To hear those students and be apart of the crowd that let out a "shout" which turned into a roar to end slavery. To hear 60,000 people sing to God above. It was a humbling experience that I am happy to be apart of the 268 generation.


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Life at this moment

I go to Passion in two days! I am so excited! :)
My life has been a chaotic downward spiral I feel. Yet I am beginning to see the horizon. It will be all better in a couple of days. I just need to fling myself into God. My heart has felt so dark and lost. It is a weird feeling to actually feel the presence of your heart again. I know I will be myself again.

I am just at a loss of the people around me. I know they are trying to help, but I am struggling with that.

But Passion is a couple of days away. I get to see a new change in scenery and I know that will help me realize how I need to change.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Back at mi casa. I love not having school, but there is not as much freedom as there is at school at home. I do enjoy seeing my mom and my brother. However dealing with Christmas shoppers at work can wear a person down. I finally get to take time and play with paint and ribbon. It makes me so happy to create things. I passed my Macro class. Which I am stoked about! I feel like God is changing my heart right now. I cannot wait to see what will come of this, but I know that if I can put my trust in him I'll be okay. Ever since I have been home, I have felt like it's been a party of one. Nothing wrong with that, but I don't feel like everyone is on the same page with me. I have started to outgrow some friends, and that is difficult. I know amazing things will come out of this. I just have to find comfort in that.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Peter Plays the Piano

I got to meet a charming young man this morning while I was out running errands. Peter Rosset is an amazing piano player. His favorite composer is Mozart. He has a Youtube Channel with videos of him playing. His username is Rosset4Music. Peter has a big heart. He is a pleasure to talk to. He told me he wanted 1,000,000 views for Christmas. Please go check him out!!! :)



Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's only Tuesday

I just want this week to be over with. I'm stressing about exams, and everything seems to be right in front of my face mocking me. It sucks, I am not going to lie. However, I know I am going to learn something from this all. Everything will all be okay once I figure out my thoughts.



I just got back from playing Night Tennis with my best friend. Everything goes back to normal when you are in sync with your best friend. I am so happy and blessed to have a wonderful friend in my life.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Life is Such a Beautiful World Wind

I could not be happier. Everything that made me feel as if I were drowning this semester has come full circle. I am at awe, and could not be more delighted on how much God has been doing this semester. I would do it all over tomorrow to be at the point where I am today. The tears are of pure happiness and surrender. I could not be more thrilled with the thoughts in my head.

I think I am suppose to be a missionary. My old advisor laid out a lifestyle for me. I did not like it at all. I do not want to work in a local & international company down the road for the rest of my life. I don't want missions to be just a summer project. I want it to be a lifestyle, exactly how it should be. I am aware that I could do this and work a job as well. I love the business world. It is an element of mine, but I love all the children that steal my heart. I love speaking Spanish, and seeing people's eyes light up.

I have talked to so many people recently at the place where I go swing dancing. Most of them want to be missionaries too. I love watching them talk about where their heart is at. I can relate to them when words cannot explain their thoughts on it all. I truly wish I could express the feeling and thoughts, yet there are simply no words.

 I have taken on this mind set of peacefulness. It is calming, and everything feels right. I have re-evaluated my friendships with people. I try to not grumble when people want me to listen because I realize that there is comfort in having someone to listen. Even if you don't take the advice.

I spent my late afternoon to mid evening sitting in a coffee shop today. I wanted to get out of my dorm,  and I felt like I just needed to go to this coffee shop. I talked to many different customers and staff. It was nice just being present and interacting with the people around me. I wish more people would speak to those around them. A common thing I have been getting recently is that I remind people of someone they know. I wish I could meet the person everyone thinks I am. I kind of regret not eating a real meal for supper. I had 2 cups of coffee and a cupcake.

I am ecstatic. I cannot wish for anything more perfect than the thought of being able to make missions a lifestyle. I do doubt it a little, but it goes away. I start to think about my family and friends, but I know it won't be a goodbye for forever. Plus I like planes, and I know I can always fly home if I ever need to do so.

Finals are coming up this week, so prayers would be greatly appreciated for everyone! :)